“Max Forman-Mullin… is the sort of actor who instantly instills trust… ‘I’ve got this,’ his whole being seems to say. ‘I’m carrying this show for you,’ which lets you as audience member settle into your seat with the comfort of a perfectly hosted guest.” - Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

“Patrick Dooley’s first-rate directing, the uniformly excellent acting, especially by Max Forman-Mullin… help to make Shotgun’s production of Arcadia a remarkable success.” - Emily S. Mendel, Berkeleyside

“Masterful Max Forman-Mullin… and Ramos imbue their intellectual sparring with charm and delight. They are a great pleasure to watch in their intellectual dance - fine wine in old bottles… The scene where Forman-Mullin debates and disarms his cuckolded accuser rises to the heights of Romantic versus Classical wit. A joy to behold, great comic chemistry.” - Joanna G. Harris & Barry David Horwitz, Theatrius